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You’ve been selected to be a Team Leader Mentor (TLM) because your team, peers, supervisors and everyone else in the Q-Centrix universe think you’re a fantastic Team Leader role model. So, thank you.

As a TLM, you’ll play a critical role in the success of our Team-Leader-in-Training Program, a 3-to-6-month training program for potential Team Leaders. Although we’ve designed almost 10 training modules to teach our TLIT about the key responsibilities of a Team Leader, nothing can replace the impact your mentorship will have on the success of the program.

In addition, as a mentor, you can expect to benefit as well.

You’ll experience:

  • Renewed enthusiasm for the role of expert
  • Enhanced skills in coaching, counseling, listening, and modeling
  • Developing and practicing a more personal style of leadership
  • Demonstrating expertise and sharing knowledge
  • Recognition as a leader within the organization as a Q-Centrix Mentor

Throughout this program we’re going to ask you to use your experience to help this Team-Leader-in-Training.

Most importantly, we’re going to ask you to share why you became a team leader and what keeps you motivated. We’ll want you to remember all of your favorite firsts like your first compliment from a team member on your leadership or your first shout-out on a job well done with the client. These are the experiences that will make your TLIT become a Team Leader.

What is the TLIT program?