Top 5 Benefits of Working from Home

Every day, quality experts (just like you) are positively impacting patient care from the comfort of home. From earning extra income during your free to time to finally finding work-life balance, there’s plenty of reasons to consider working from home. Here’s the five benefits that top our list:

Unbeatable flexibility

Stop waiting on-call, working holidays or picking up the graveyard shift. Instead, create a schedule that works best for you. Whether you want to have breakfast with your kids every morning, spend the afternoons with your parents, or enjoy late-night Netflix marathons, you’ll have the flexibility to work when you want.

No commute

By working from home, you gain so much more than hours back in a week. You’ll enjoy a traffic free, zero-minute commute. Plus, if you travel at least 30 miles a day for work, you could save almost $2,000 annually on gas alone, and reduce your transportation-related carbon emissions by 69%.

Laid-back environment

Dress codes, distractions or office drama are not an issue. Set up your home office just the way you want it. Blast your music or the A.C., put on your favorite pajamas and be your most productive self.

Rewarding relationships

Working from home doesn’t mean working alone. At Q-Centrix, there are over 800 incredibly smart, funny and passionate people waiting to collaborate with you. Expand your network beyond your neighborhood and become fast friends with like-minded professionals across the nation.

New opportunities

Your career is no longer limited by location. With your unique skillset and clinical knowledge, discover new opportunities that leverage your expertise. Mentor and empower team members, play an integral role in partner satisfaction, or join our business development efforts—all from the comfort of home.

We take flexibility one step further.

At Q-Centrix, you can continue to impact patients’ lives while fully living your own. All our data abstraction positions are work-from-home and offered both full- and part-time, so you can prioritize me-time. Learn about our tight-knit team and an exciting career path unlike any other.